Three Advantages of Promoting Inexpensive Online Marketing Programs

Inexpensive online internet marketing programs charging no monthly fees with initial investments as low as $99 to $399 have three distinct advantages over other direct sales and affiliate opportunities. If you are marketing with a limited budget, you should seek a program that adheres to the following guidelines. After reading this perspective you should understand why you will profit from promoting these types of online marketing programs.

If you are an internet marketer who wants to understand targeting a budget, these are the types of companies to promote. There are millions of potential web marketing geniuses out there looking for an opportunity, but are challenged by a small budget. To reach out to these folks with an expensive top tier direct sales opportunity is like teaching a pig to sing. It will frustrate you and annoy the pig. However, presenting this budget challenged group with a legitimate six figure online opportunity will work if you choose the right strategy.

Here is advantage number two. Today, the best inexpensive online opportunities target those entrepreneurs marketing with a limited budget, but they need to provide low cost online marketing strategies with full video and live training to help the entrepreneur meet his sales goals. Experts say that the opportunity for marketing to this budget challenged segment is overwhelmingly huge compared to the size of the top tier more expensive direct sales market.

The third advantage is training. You may know nothing about web marketing. So, you need to find a program that will provide you with a solid foundation for affiliate advertising on the internet. After a couple of weeks of tutoring under one of the elite inexpensive programs, you will begin marketing full tilt on the web and you will be comfortable doing it. The program must offer video and text training augmented by live training sessions at least weekly. You must demand a better education for the price.

In summary, the three advantages of promoting an elite, inexpensive online marketing program are: 1) accessing the budget challenged market segment with a quality program, 2) low cost online marketing strategies and 3) excellent training available to help you build a solid foundation for affiliate advertising on the internet. Find one of these and success will follow shortly.

Direct Traffic is Golden, SEO Traffic is a Bonus

In a website statistics tool like Google Analytics, direct traffic, literally, refers to website visitors who actually typed your website or blog address right into the address bar of their Internet browser.

Direct traffic is pretty special. It means someone remembered the URL of my website and used it specifically when they were looking for help with writing or editing.

Next, Google Analytics tracks traffic from referring sites, which is also very special. When a visitor has come from a referring site, it means that someone thinks enough of my work to include a link to my site from their website or blog, or maybe they’ve even sent the link in a direct email message to a client, colleague, friend or family member.

Or maybe the referral came out of my article marketing efforts at sites like Ezine Articles. Someone read one of my articles and liked my ideas enough to find out more about what I offer.

Direct traffic and traffic from referral sites both represent people who have already warmed up to the idea of finding out more about you. That’s much different from just having your website pop up in a list of search results.

I really like what Rick Spence writes in the June 2008 issues of Profit magazine, “… the Web isn’t always about the masses. For many niche businesses, Web marketing means drawing your best customers closer and closer.”

So do what you can to keep search engine optimization (SEO) on your side – write a lot of fresh content, and write for your niche by using the language they’ll use when they’re looking for information and help.

Then, turn your attention back to cultivating your relationships, because that’s what will send direct traffic and referring site traffic your way.

Writing Prompt: How can you greet your website visitors as if they’ve all come as direct traffic or from referral sites? How can you treat strangers (search engine traffic) like friends?

P.S. There are also such things as human search engines (Mahalo) and social bookmarking sites (, both of which allow Web users to access search results that are based on human entries versus computer-generated ones.

Direct Marketing Address Lists – Taking Marketing to New Heights

Marketing is undoubtedly one the most influential functions of any business. A company may have all the requisite tools to deliver the best in the league; however, without effective marketing you cannot expect any rise in profits. Most companies spend a fortune of their income on marketing their products and services, and even after their best efforts, not all marketing campaigns are successful. Today, in this post-recession era, companies are still recovering from the cash crisis making it extremely difficult for them to manage their marketing costs. This is where direct marketing can be of great use.The main USP of direct marketing is its cost. Unlike traditional methods of marketing, direct marketing does not burn a hole in your pocket. Direct marketing uses address lists collated on the basis of people’s interests, financial backgrounds, purchase history, line of business, and other such parameters. Using an appropriate address list for your marketing needs means that only those people will be targeted who have shown interest in the category of your product or service, or have been associated with it in any way. Using direct marketing not only reduces marketing cost by a great deal; it is also more effectual than the traditional ways of marketing.When planning a direct marketing campaign for your organization, the first thing you need to take care of is the address lists. To buy a mailing list, you need to find a reputed list generation firm. These firms specialize in generating leads for almost every line of business using several names databases, social networking sites, and other tools. Although you can easily find several companies offering lead generation services, there are a few things you need to consider when you buy a mailing list.The foremost factor to look into is the date the list was generated or last updated. This is extremely critical as an outdated leads may be of no good for your company. People often change their contact details and other credentials making it absolutely mandatory for the lists to be updated on a frequent basis. Secondly, you should also make sure that the company you are buying the mailing list from has prior experience in serving clients from your line of business. You may also go through the testimonials of the company’s previous and existing clients to get a fair idea about the level of competency the company has.