Network Marketing: How To Sponsor 100 People in 60 Days Or Less (And Make Bank)

Are you ready for a crazy taste of your own reality show?Is it really possible today, to start a network marketing business from home and to reach a point where that business is paying you at least $2,000 a month is residual income every month – just 60 days after your start?It’s more than possible if you discover and apply this one secret first – how to sponsor 100 paying people in 60 days or less. And yes, if your program is any good at all, your income will head skyward after that, all on it’s own…HOW? Here Is The Secret (and you won’t hear it anywhere else):It is simple numbers. My wife and I are real estate brokers. A well-known FACT about real estate sales is the numbers – these numbers:If you deliver a meaningful message to 50 decision making adults, 1 (just one) out of the 50 will eventually buy a home or they will list and sell their home with you – OR they will refer you to a friend of theirs who will buy or sell with you.What does that mean to every real estate sales person reading this – and every network marketing or MLM or multi level marketing person reading this? You MUST deliver a simple message 100 times to sell or list two homes or to sponsor two people into your program.FYI: A meaningful message delivered to a decision making adult in RE:”Hi, are you or is anyone you know going to be buying or selling real estate in the near future?”A real estate sales person will give their card to the people who say “No” as well, because you never know when they that “no” might turn to a “yes.”And it also helps to make a free offer while doing this – “and we can give you a free market report which will show you what your home is worth now.” It helps more if the free offer to evaluate the current value of the house is on the card. Why? Now the card has value and the person who said, “No” will probably keep the card anyway.In real estate sales, these numbers work because the commissions are big.We sell two houses a month. The commission on one will typically be $5,000 and the other $7,000. Did “the numbers” that produced those commissions work out?Did we deliver a meaningful message to 100 decision making adults in order to make those two sales? YES! The numbers WORK in real estate sales, and they work like a clockwork – every single time – AND they work in MLM.Now, again – a real estate sales person may talk to 3 people in one day and one of them says, “YES – I want to buy (or sell) now.” That same real estate agent may then talk to 150 people to produce the next “deal.” The AVERAGE works out to 50 conversations per deal.17 years ago my wife and I built a network marketing group of 10,000 people.We did fast. How did we do that? We sponsored 225 people in about 3 months. How? We delivered our message to 100 people most days, for 60 days.Does that mean we delivered our message to 5,000 people?Yes. How? We delivered our message using direct mail – the USPS – The Post Office. Now, before you stop reading – please slow down. You are probably thinking about the cost – or you are thinking it is so old school it won’t work now. You are wrong.How is The U.S. Mail like the internet?Online internet marketers are after one thing – clicks. How do they get clicks? They must get eyeballs first.Amazingly, even today, most people get snail mail. And one of the best ways to drive traffic to the internet (and your website) is from off line. It is currently fantastic for real estate. Direct mail means you are NOT competing with all the noise on the net.Recent studies show the most effective mail “piece” to be a post card. Why is it effective? Think about it – even though you grab your mail from you box and toss the junk, what do you do FIRST? You sort it, don’t you?How can you win at the round file?The first thing you do is haul everything over to a table next to a trash can in the post office, right? Do you just toss the junk mail without glancing at it? No, you glance at it, don’t you?Most of the time, you glance and toss – just to make sure you aren’t tossing out a bill or an incoming cashier’s check for $1 million… the point is, you always LOOK at the exposed surface of each piece of junk mail – right?So it is in that golden moment – when we all glance at the junk mail – where you will WIN provided your post card is a COUPON. Coupons get much more consideration today than ever before – both online and off line. Make your “offer” on the post card a coupon and you will be the winner!What about the cost of Direct Mail?Here’s how to cut the cost of a post card in HALF: The USPS has a direct mail program which will deliver a post card or flyer that meets specifications, for 16 cents each. You can mail big numbers or small numbers. Let’s consider 5,000 post cards.Let’s suppose you are able to sponsor 2 people out of every 100 post cards. Direct mail is generally considered a success at 1%. Your offer needs to be compelling – but 2% is very possible. 17 years ago we were able to get 4.5% or four and one half people sponsored for every 100 mailed. 2% of 5,000 is 100 – 100 people sponsored.What is the cost?Online printers will print 5,000 post cards for very little money. Add the postage, and you’ll be at about $1,000 in total expense – or about 20 cents for printing and postage per post card.What if it doesn’t work?Let’s say that your network marketing or MLM program provides you with a $20 a month income stream for each person you sponsor – (on the average, for easy math).AND let’s say tragedy strikes – you are only able to sponsor 5 people out of 5,000 post cards – a total flop and failure, right? Maybe not. 5 x $20 = $100 a month income from the mailing… and $100 x 12 months = $1,200. Yes, it will take a year to get your money back if you fail – but at least you’ll get it back.What will happen if you win?Let’s say you do sponsor 100 people from the mailing: $20 x 100 = $2,000. Now, if that is the result, would you ever do it again? What if your monthly income turns out to be half that?Conclusion:It is hard to believe in this day and age when conventional wisdom says you should spend all your time on the internet smashing your key board in frustrating efforts to get leads (much less newly sponsored reps) that you could WIN fast and BIG with direct mail, isn’t it?What IF You Could Mail Post Cards – All You Want For FREE – including printing and postage?

3 Ways to Make Direct Mail More Effective

Many of our clients tell us, “We’ve tried direct mail and it didn’t work.” This experience leaves us asking, “Why do some programs not perform as well as expected, while others succeed beyond a company’s wildest dreams?” According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail can pull in response rates as high as 15% or as low as 0.03%. With such a large gap, it is easy to see why many companies have lost their faith in this very popular marketing practice.

Over the years we’ve learned how well a direct mail program performs depends on the chemistry of three elements-format, offer, and list-and whether or not you have designed the program with enough frequency and follow-up triggers built in. But before you can pull these three elements into the most effective program possible, you need to first determine:

  • The goal of the direct mail piece (For example, is your goal lead generation or direct-to-order?)
  • The current relationship you have with the list. Is it a cold list or has qualification already occurred? (For example, have they already attended a seminar or webinar of yours or downloaded something from your website?)
  • Then follow this advice as you design your direct mail program:

  • FORMAT. Direct mail comes in a variety of formats-the postcard, the business letter, or the 2-D or 3-D package to name just a few. The truth is, all three of these formats pull about the same percentage of responses, when used correctly. The magic then is to choose the format most suited to reach your goal and specific audience.
  • OFFER. The offer is a critical element to a successful direct mail effort. From our experience, the strongest direct mail offer is one aimed at driving traffic to a website or retail location for further qualification and/or selling (qualification if the contact is still cold and selling if it’s a contact where qualification has already occurred through a previous marketing activity). This offer can be anything from a free product demonstration, an online ROI calculator, an article/white paper download from the website, or simply retrieving more product or service information.
  • LIST. The list is possibly the single most important element to an effective direct mail effort. If you have the best format and offer but send it to the wrong list, you will still have nothing. And, even if you are sure you have sent it to the right list, if that list has not yet been qualified you will waste a lot of money. Even a house list can get quickly out of date. Conduct a qualifying call down of any list you plan to mail to and make sure the list is still a) accurate and b) qualified to receive your offer. Keep the call short (3-4 qualifying questions at the most). Only after you’ve connected with and qualified the prospect should you place them in your direct mail engine. This will save marketing precious dollars and sales precious time, while ultimately making the entire campaign more effective.
  • Direct mail will always be one of the most compelling ways to prospect, and when done strategically, pulls high open rates and generates excellent leads. Make relevant and cost-effective choices, implement with a frequency of at least three impressions, be sure to follow-up on every prospect you get to take an action…and watch those leads pour in!

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