Viral Marketing Tactics – Capitalizing on the Power of the Internet

Internet business opportunities have exploded in the last few years. Network marketing is the most popular way for millions of people worldwide to become their own boss. Viral marketing tactics have become the best way to increase brand awareness and provide the traffic needed for ongoing lead generation. Our series has focused on various business models. The multi level marketer has seen the well-ordered network that took them years to build be dismantled overnight. Top tier direct solutions have been the option chosen by many to help them escape the chaos of network jumpers and lost profits.

The funded proposal has proven effective in assisting business owners maintain a positive revenue stream, replacing the need for the residual income of the traditional down line. Distributors of top tier products rely on themselves for sales and profits, allowing them to Get Paid Today. The Internet is an important aspect of a marketing campaign. The viral marketing tactics employed can be instrumental in gaining brand recognition. However, to be effective, the entire marketing plan should be well-thought out. Once began, it must be finished. One of the most detrimental things a network marketer can do during a marketing campaign is to not follow through.

Start by offering a free product or service that is of interest or value to your target market. This often includes tips and techniques to improve lead generation, or training lessons that teach presentation skills. This piques the interest of potential customers and brings them to your site to learn more. If they like what they see and hear, they begin recommending your products and site to friends. As easy and inexpensively as that, your viral marketing tactics have taken hold and are beginning to spread. If you work with a top tier direct solutions provider, your organization may already have the tools you need to get started.

Viral marketing tactics can have amazing results. They can spread like wildfire, carrying your message around the globe in minutes. The downside is that once it has been posted, you lose control of the message and negative comments spread even faster than the positive. Building relationships, regardless of the business model, is still at the base of network marketing. If you are using emails, blogs and other social networking platforms for your marketing campaign, make sure your message is consistent. Internet business opportunities abound for entrepreneurs who are ready to take control of their future.

Direct Traffic is Golden, SEO Traffic is a Bonus

In a website statistics tool like Google Analytics, direct traffic, literally, refers to website visitors who actually typed your website or blog address right into the address bar of their Internet browser.

Direct traffic is pretty special. It means someone remembered the URL of my website and used it specifically when they were looking for help with writing or editing.

Next, Google Analytics tracks traffic from referring sites, which is also very special. When a visitor has come from a referring site, it means that someone thinks enough of my work to include a link to my site from their website or blog, or maybe they’ve even sent the link in a direct email message to a client, colleague, friend or family member.

Or maybe the referral came out of my article marketing efforts at sites like Ezine Articles. Someone read one of my articles and liked my ideas enough to find out more about what I offer.

Direct traffic and traffic from referral sites both represent people who have already warmed up to the idea of finding out more about you. That’s much different from just having your website pop up in a list of search results.

I really like what Rick Spence writes in the June 2008 issues of Profit magazine, “… the Web isn’t always about the masses. For many niche businesses, Web marketing means drawing your best customers closer and closer.”

So do what you can to keep search engine optimization (SEO) on your side – write a lot of fresh content, and write for your niche by using the language they’ll use when they’re looking for information and help.

Then, turn your attention back to cultivating your relationships, because that’s what will send direct traffic and referring site traffic your way.

Writing Prompt: How can you greet your website visitors as if they’ve all come as direct traffic or from referral sites? How can you treat strangers (search engine traffic) like friends?

P.S. There are also such things as human search engines (Mahalo) and social bookmarking sites (, both of which allow Web users to access search results that are based on human entries versus computer-generated ones.

Five Tips on Marketing Religious Articles

Article marketing has been around for a long time. In the early years, it began with the paper-print form. It was commonly used by business owners to obtain free publicity. Today, the more popular means of article marketing is Internet article marketing. This technique uses submitted articles to article directories to direct website traffic to their websites. For this to be successful, the author of the article must have a website. Just like businesses, religious websites can direct traffic to their websites through the use of submitting religious articles. Articles can be submitted to Christian online magazines, article directories, or simply posted on your website with appropriate meta tags.

Tip One

Begin your religious article marketing by knowing what Christian website you want to invite people to read. Is this your own personal ministerial website? Or do you want to direct people to your church’s website? Decide which religious website you want to direct website traffic. Examine the ministry of this website. Make a list of the features and benefits of this website. This information will help you in researching topics for your religious articles.

Tip Two

The first step to writing the article is brainstorming an attention-getting title. The title will be one of the first things readers will see when they scan the article directory. The readers will read brief summaries of the articles before deciding which article will give them the information they need and then they will open the article. Because of this process, it is most important to find a good, catchy title.

Tip Three

Retrieve the list of topics you gleaned from studying the website of your choice. Take those topics and see if you can break the topics into sub-topics. By doing this you can make many different religious article ideas to write about.

Tip Four

When writing your article, remember to use a conversational voice. Using a conversational voice will hold the interest of your reader. Unlike, using a formal, academic voice which will cause the reader to lose their attention and direct their interest elsewhere.

Tip Five

After you are finished writing your article, it is important to provide important information in your resource box. This information will direct your reader to your website of choice. Here is the information you should include:

• Your Name – Your name and title should always be the first thing included in the resource box
• Your Website Address – The website URL will prompt the reader to check your website for additional information
• Your Elevator Pitch – Is a unique one to three sentence summary which tells the reader information about your background, and why it is important for them to gain more information by visiting your website.